J2T Gift Voucher For Magento® 2

Best Magento® 2 Gift Voucher Engine

The Magento 2 module “J2T Gift Voucher” enhances an online store’s functionality by enabling the sale of gift vouchers.

This module integrates smoothly into the Magento platform, allowing customers to purchase gift vouchers as unique products.

Once installed, it offers a new revenue stream and a convenient gift option for the store’s clientele.

J2T Gift Voucher For Magento® 2 – One Time Purchase

When buying this license, you benefit from :

Lifetime Update & Upgrade
1 Month Free Support
Unlimited Site License

— Change Log —
2.0.3 : first public release of the module

358.80 or 69.00 / year

1 License

1 Year Free Update & Upgrade

1 Month Support

1 Site License 

82.80 / year

15 Licenses

1 Year Free Update & Upgrade

1 Month Free Support

15 sites licenses

178.80 / year

Unlimited Licenses

Lifetime Update & Upgrade

1 Month Free Support

Unlimited Site License

358.80  one time cost

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Gift Voucher for Magento 2 – Increase your store revenues

J2T Gift Voucher is the most gift voucher system that you can get for your Magento store!

The module is fully compatible with magento 2.0 or above.

Gift vouchers are a valuable addition to an online store for several reasons. Firstly, they attract new customers, as recipients of the vouchers are often first-time visitors to the store.

Secondly, they boost sales, not only through the purchase of the voucher itself but also by encouraging additional spending beyond the voucher’s value.

Lastly, gift vouchers offer a convenient gifting option for customers, enhancing their shopping experience and promoting customer loyalty.

This combination of attracting new business, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction makes gift vouchers an excellent strategic choice for any online store.

Read full description below for more details.

License Type

  • 1 License : 1 Store module installation – price: 82.80 / year which includes 1 year free update/upgrade & 1 month support
  • 15 License (coming soon) : 15 Store module installation – price: 178.80 / year which includes 1 year free update/upgrade & 1 month support
  • Unlimited License : Unlimited stores’ module installation – price: 358.80 – one time cost – which includes lifetime free update/upgrade & 1 month support

Main features

Create Gift Vouchers as product

Effortlessly create gift vouchers by selecting the ‘Gift Voucher’ option after clicking the ‘Add Product’ button, directly from the Magento product page.


J2T Points & Rewards - Points on birthday
Points earned on product list pages

Easy to configure

Experience seamless configuration with our module, where you can effortlessly specify email templates, order statuses for voucher validation, include shipping fees, tax amounts in vouchers, and set a default message length for gift voucher messages.


Show Gift Voucher as a product

Showcase your gift vouchers prominently as products on your Magento store’s frontend, making them easily accessible and attractive to customers.


Points earned on product view page

Manage gift vouchers from your admin

Easy custom point value and point usage configuration

Efficiently manage your gift vouchers from the back office, streamlining the process with user-friendly tools for smooth administration.

Gift Voucher usage

Redeem gift vouchers effortlessly from both the cart and checkout pages, enhancing the shopping experience with convenient and flexible usage options.

Rewardpoints Required Points
Point details on product page & cart summary page

Retrieve Gift Vouchers information from user account

Access detailed gift voucher information directly from your user account, ensuring easy retrieval and management of your vouchers.


Easy access from admin

Module configuration pages can easily be found on admin area, under “marketing” menu entry.


Easy access from admin

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Change Log

2.4.18 : magento 2.4.x compatibility improvements + notification cron fixes

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