About Us

J2T Design has been following Magento® since 2009 and we introduced the first free modules. J2T Points & Rewards was the first module we release and the first free advanced point & rewards system at the time. We also developed J2T Ajax Cart during the first year and many other modules later on, such as J2T OneCheckout, J2T Gift Voucher, etc.

Our main focus is E-Commerce. We have many years of expertise in E-Commerce field and we make sure to closely work with the E-Commerce professionals in order to create modules which would comply with the major requirements.
– J2T DesignOur modules are designed to address and give solutions to main 3 E-Commerce problems:

  • Sale Generation
  • Client Retention
  • Increase number of sales

In order to generate sales, products must be easily buyable and checkout must be fast, in order to avoid cancellation. This is why we decided to create J2T oneCheckout. This module allows fast checkout with Magento® E-Commerce solution.

Being able to have customer is good, but being able to retain them is better. J2T Points & Rewards as well as J2T Reward Coupon have been designed towards finding solution regating client loyalty problem. The first module allow your customer to gather points and share your site on social networks in order to get extra points. Points your customer gather give discounts.

The second module would incitate your customer to purchase specific products or have specific cart configuration. That would generate a coupon that would be available on further orders. Everything is fully configurable.

Many other modules are available on our store and they are all designed to generate sales. Don’t hesitate to visit our product page for more details about our modules.

To all of you, from all of us at J2T Design – Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

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