J2T SMS Gateway

This module gives your shop the ability to send SMS. You need to subscribe to a SMS gateway accepting HTTP sms sendings.

All SMS gateways are virtually compatible with the module, as you can specify required parameters.

This module is compatible with Magento® 1.4.x or greater!

SMS can be sent from Front-office and Back-office, as soon as <sms> tag is available from transactionnal emails.


J2T SMS Gateway

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J2T Sms Gateway v.0.1.3 (Community Edition), J2T Sms Gateway v.0.1.3 (Enterprise Edition)

Send SMS to your clients through default Magento® email engine and tell them everything they need to know, regarding the order processes.


Voodoo SMS
Enter J2TDEAL code at checkout on voodoosms.com and purchase your credits at 2.99p instead of 3.7p!

The module is simple to configure and virtually works with all SMS gateways that uses GET or POST actions to send SMS, such as:

  • voodoosms.com
  • click-a-tell 
  • mobyt 
  • bulksms.com
  • mysmsaddress.com
  • and a lot more…


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