J2T OneCheckout

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J2T OneCheckout module add to your shop a fully customizable one page easy checkout.
With this module, you give your customer one fast way to chechout.

All the needed informations are on the same screen and everything is loaded in ajax!

Compatible Magento® 1.4.x or greater

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J2T OneCheckout

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J2T OneCheckout v1.2.17 (Community Edition), J2T OneCheckout v1.2.17 (Enterprise Edition)

Checkout our demo!

J2T OneCheckout module add to your shop a fully customizable one page easy checkout. All checkout process is merged into one step checkout process.

Main features

J2T OneCheckout


The module is compatible with all Magento® shipping modules as well as payment modules that are not modifying Magento® core files.

This means that most modules will work and we make sure to make the other ones work as well.

This is the case for ogone payment module, paypal pro, kiala shipping method, soColissimo shipping method modules, and of course Paypal, Moneybooker, 2Checkout, Sagepay, and a lot more!…

Responsive design

Optimal viewing experience is provided, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices.

J2T OneCheckout Responsive design
User Login in J2T OneCheckout

Easy User Sign-in process

Your customer can log into your Magento® store within the onechecout process or decide to checkout as a Guest or Register.

Form error management

Errors are globally managed within the one step checkout process.
When trying to place an order, checkups are done and in case of blank mandatory field,  error messages will be shown. 

J2T OneStep checkout
J2t OneCheckout

Ajax updates for the different steps

All steps are automatically updated when the customer is choosing the delivery address.

The process is easy to use and intuitive. 

Apply coupon & points (J2T Points & Rewards) within the checkout page

Your customers can apply coupon/discount code and reward points within the checkout process!

The process is fully managed using AJAX process!

Note that it is only possible to use reward point features from v1.2.10 of the module

 Discount through checkout

J2T Points & Rewards point usage

J2T OneCheckout

Other module integration

Other third party modules, that modify the behaviour shopping cart review area are automatically managed!

For example, onepage checkout is full compatible with J2T Reward Points module!

Register to the newsletter within the checkout process

It is possible to show this option, by simply setup the module from: Admin > System > Configuration > Catalog > J2T OneCheckout

J2t OneCheckout
J2t OneCheckout

Manage the whole process in a one step checkout way?

J2T OneCheckout process allow your customers to benefict from a one step checkout process action page!

Increase your sales by avoiding shopping cart abandonment: your customers will have an efficient and fast way to checkout and validate their shopping cart!

Delete from checkout

It is possible to allow product deletion from admin.

Delete through checkout
Show / Hide product options

Show/Hide product options

For produts having options, you can show/hide the options simply by clicking on the appropriate link.

Update quantity

When activating this feature, your customer will easily be able to update items quantity without reloading checkout pages!

Update quantity
Order Comments


Activating order comments allow your customers to leave comments / instructions while placing their orders.

This information will appear within comment area of the order, visible through admin order review pages.


If you want your customers to participate to polls within checkout, this is the feature you are looking for.

New poll state will be added (open for checkout) and when you create a poll, your customers will see it on our module checkout page!

For instance, you could imagine creating a poll to know where your customer comes from (google, bing, other search engines, etc.) or even to ask them their opinion on new site design, etc.!

J2t OneCheckout

Installation requirements:
Please copy all files to your Magento® root directory

Upgrate details:
Don’t forget to move/copy the skin & design files to your skin & design directories

Please note that if you have specific skin and template, you need to move :
– skin/frontend/default/default/images/j2t
– skin/frontend/default/default/css/j2t
– skin/frontend/default/default/js/j2t
– app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/j2tajaxcheckout.xml
– app/design/frontend/default/default/template/j2tajaxcheckout
>> to your skin and template directory (for any installations or any updates). This module as been developped for default & blank theme.


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