J2T Color Swatch

J2T Color Swatch converts attributes to swatches, for configurable products


J2T Color Swatch

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J2T Color Swatch 1.0.3 (Magento® Community Edition), J2T Color Swatch 1.0.3 (Magento® Enterprise Edition)

J2T Color Swatch converts attributes to swatches, for configurable products.

With this module, it is possible to show swatches on:

  •  – product pages
  •  – category pages
  •  – filter’s area

All swatches can be added / modified directly through configuration product edition. It is also possible to define the size of swatches images for all the different areas and the module can be use on virtually all themes available for Magento®.

A great feature with this module is the ability to swap main configurable images, on product grid and view pages, to simple product images when clicking on the options.

Download our documentation here.

Main features

J2T Color Swatch

For a nicer way to select product attributes

When your customers are buying a product, they like to have visual interaction.

It is always better to select a color or image instead of selecting a text and your client will have a better idea of color, fabric, etc. of the product bought.

Also select fields as well as images/colors

As well as images, it is possible to show default form attribtue select fields.

 When selecting an image/color, the select field will also automatically be selected. When selecting from select field, the image will be automatically selected.

J2t Color Swatch

Easy color swatch insertion

J2T Color Swatch

Directly through product edition page, it is possible to add color swatches in the easiest possible way. It is possible to select an image or color.

J2T Color Swatch

Easy color selection

In case if you simply want to insert a color and when no image is required, color selection has been made easy.

Access to color swatches directly from product list pages

It is possible to give to your customers direct access to color swatches element from product list page.

When selecting an attribute, the image of the product is changes according to the selected attribtue.

It is possible to add to cart the product after having selected the attributes.

J2t Color Swatch


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