J2T Ajax Cart

Magento® Connect - J2T Ajax Cart

Compatible with
– Magento® Community Edition 1.3.x ,1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x
– Magento® Enterprise Edition 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x and 1.14.x

J2T Ajax cart : Add items to cart without reloading your page!
By using this module, you will be able to place on your online store a tool that will allow you to show an ajax box when adding the products to shopping cart.
Your customer will then have the choice between continuing browsing or go to checkout.

This module is compatible with all types of products, such as simple products, configurable products, bundle products, downloadable products, etc.

It is also possible to show options of a product as well as downloabable form in the ajax box before adding the product to the cart.


J2T Ajax Cart

Additional information


J2T Ajax cart v.1.2.4 for Magento® Community Edition, J2T Ajax cart v.1.2.4 for Magento® Enterprise Edition

Magento® Connect - J2T Ajax Cart

Check Out J2T Ajax Cart with the following video

Add Quantity fields on product list pages

With J2T Ajax Cart, it is possible to add quantity fields directly from product list page!

By doing this, your customer will be able to directly add the quantity in order to take the information to consideration when clicking on add to cart button.

Product image move to cart animation

Product image animation can be shown when adding a product to shopping cart.

It is possible to set an animation of product image that goes into shopping cart.


Effects on show and hide of modal box

With J2T Ajax Cart, it is possible to add any type of effects while showing or hidding the modal box!

The video uses the following code:

– After Show Code: 

can_hide = false;
can_recenter = false;
var top = $(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).style.top;
var left = $(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).style.left;

$(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).style.top = -Math.ceil($(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).getHeight())+”px”;
new Effect.Move($(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’), { x: 0, y: parseInt(top)+Math.round(($(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).getHeight()/2)), afterFinish: function() { dialog_j2t.reCenter(); can_recenter = true; can_hide = true;} });

– Before Hide Code:

can_hide = false;
var top = $(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).style.top;
var left = $(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).style.left;

new Effect.Move($(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’), { x: 0, y: -(parseInt(top)+$(‘j2t_ajax_confirm’).getHeight()), afterFinish: function() { can_hide = true; {{default_instruction}} }}); 

Top cart – mini cart ajax update

With J2T Ajax Cart, it is possible (since v1.0.0) to add a mini cart loaded and updated when item is added to shopping cart.

You can decide to activate this feature or not. If this feature is active, when you will click on “My Cart” link, a drop down mini cart will slide down,  with last added items! 

J2t Ajax Cart
J2t Ajax Cart

Insert up-sells or cross-sells or related products

It is possible to include to all ajax boxes related products or up-sell products or cross-sell products that are linked to the ajax added product.

Easy to configure

Since v1.0.0, it is even easier to configure the module (only for Magento® 1.5.x or greater)!

When this feature is active, default Magento® view page will be used in order to create the ajax box (specially for products having options).

If your site uses other modules that introduce other features on product view and if you want to make them available from ajax box, you might deactivate this feature and use our customization manual available on “installation guide” tab.

J2t Ajax Cart
J2T Ajax Cart

Loading animated image

Since v1.0.0, it is possible to choose between a list of more than 15 images the loader you want for your ajax box.

It is also possible to use your own file by replacing default loader image from skin file!

Count down feature 

With the count down feature (available since v1.0.0), you can decide to specify a duration in seconds in order to automatically close the ajax confirmation box.

J2t Ajax Cart
J2t Ajax Cart

Product restrictions

If you want your customers to be redirected on product page for few products, you only need to put the product ids in the configuration area, and the module will not load the ajax box on product list pages.

Trigger Events 

It is possible  (since v1.0.10) to trigger events at some stages of the process. In other words, you can launch js scripts of your own when option or confirmation boxes are shown.

J2t Ajax Cart
J2t Ajax Cart

Top cart link translation

It is possible (since v1.0.9) to specify your own theme translation used for top cart link

Options on ajax box

Show product options directly on the ajax box, in order to faster the process a bit more!

J2T Ajax Cart

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

J2T Ajax cart : Add items to cart without reloading your page!

To configure the module, please go to Admin > System > Customers > J2T ajax cart add

>> Main features of this module are:

  • add to cart within ajax box (no redirection or reloading)
  • deleting product ajax mode (no reloading)
  • delete prodcut from cart in ajax


>> Cool features:

  • you can decide whether choosing to show an ajax box (with ‘continue shopping’ and ‘checkout’ buttons) or not when adding the product to cart
  • for products having options, you can decide whether redirecting the clients to the product page or add the options in the ajax box (quantity will be shown as well, but only for product having options)
  • you can add a product quantity box upon adding a product to shopping cart (for simple product only)
  • it’s possible to add upsells related products in the ajax confirmation box

Check out our demo here (only on german store)


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