J2T Ajax Cart For Magento® 2

Compatible with Magento® 2.0.x

J2T Ajax cart : Add items to cart without reloading your page!
By using this module, you will be able to add on your online store a tool that will allow you to show an ajax box when your customers will add products to their shopping cart.

Ajax box will allow the customers to decide if they want to continue browsing your site or directly go to cart page.

This module is compatible with simple products & configurable products.


J2T Ajax Cart For Magento® 2

Magento Connect - J2T Ajax Cart

Top cart Update

The module allows top cart update, similarly as using default Magento® 2 feature. 

J2t Ajax Cart
J2t Ajax Cart

Insert up-sells or cross-sells or related products

It is possible to include to all ajax boxes related products or up-sell products or cross-sell products that are linked to the ajax added product.

Loading animated image

Loading animated image uses CSS, which can be directly modified through admin configuration page.

J2t Ajax Cart


J2T Ajax cart : Add items to cart without reloading your page!

To configure the module, please go to Admin > Store > Setting > Configuration > J2T Modules > Ajax Cart

Main features:

  • add to cart waiting loading while product is being inserted to cart
  • add to cart confirmation box
  • related products shown on confirmation box


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