J2T Points & Rewards

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  • Points on dashboard
  • Reward points from cart area
  • Reward points dashboard
  • Image as illustration
  • Image as illustration
  • Configuration of the image used as illustration
  • Referral side box
  • Refer-a-friend and gather points
  • Points statistics from back-office
  • Points view from product page
  • It is possible to use a slider for point usage
  • Reward points per customer, from admin
  • Reward points statistics
  • Manually add points from back-office
  • Email notification configuration
  • In case of usage of product "reward_points" attribute as points
  • Remove points usage from totals area
  • Referral permanent path redirection
  • Apply discount through admin order creation
  • J2T Points and Rewards - Points in unit of money
  • J2T Points and Rewards - Points in unit of money
  • Reward point menu access
  • Reward Points' Rules
  • Default point configuration - screen 1
  • Default point configuration - screen 2
  • Default point configuration - screen 3 (valid point statuses)
  • Default point configuration - screen 4
  • Custom point values
  • Registration and referral points
  • Registration and referral points - screen 2
  • Registration and referral points - screen 3
  • Other point allocation
  • Advanced referral points
  • Import profile
  • Cart rule message
  • Expiry Email notification
  • Point status notification
  • Admin email notification
  • Product point information
  • Design & graphic elements
  • Admin dashboard
  • Custom event observer points
  • Order Invoice summary

J2T Points & Rewards

The best reward engine and points' referral program

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Magento® Connect Popularity

If you are looking for the best Points & Rewards Magento® extesion, which also include referral system, you are on the right page.

Our Magento® loyalty program is compatible with Magento® 1.3.x,1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x

This module allow the customers to gather points within orders. The points can be redeemed for discount on their next orders.
Read full description below for more details.

Documentation & Installation Instructions

We compared our module to our competitors. Very little gap between technologies and features, but huge gap regarding the price. Don't hesitate to click on the comparison tab below.

IMPORTANT: Please review page 18 of module documentation when upgrading from any versions to v1.8.x. Also make sure to update add-on modules when upgrading to v1.8.x, otherwise, it will generate errors.

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  • Lowest price on the market for our modules

  • Free support available as well as extended support

  • High quality development with best Magento integration


"The most popular reward engine available on Magento® Connect!"

Magento® Connect Popularity

Our Magento® loyalty program module allow the customers to gather points within an order, upon registration, while referring a friend or when posting reviews (only validated reviews).
The points can be redeemed for discount on purchase.

Main features

Points and rewards

Points earned on product list pages

It is possible to show the points your customer will get on product list pages.

Customers will automatically know the number of points he may collect, simply by browsing the products on the website, and might be interested on a special point offer on a specific product, without the need of viewing products one by one.

Points earned on product view page

When the customer is viewing products, they know how many points they get on a product.

The system also calculates automatically the points when quantity value is changed. 

J2t Reward points

Easy custom point value and point usage configuration

Points and rewards

Even knowing that point values are defined globally within the module configuration, it is possible to define custom values at any moment, for any groups, with/without cart values, between date range (empty value can be used).

This is an easy an fast way to define custom point value (and point usage values) that you will like to use when you have to setup light rules and don't want to create any catalog or cart point rules!

Points and rewards Reward points

Point details on product page & cart summary page

It is possible to show the points details, related to catalog rules on product pages and cart summary page


Cart messages related to cart point's rules

It is possible to show messages related to cart rules to customers, in order to show points they can collect on their current orders if they reach rule conditions. If there are multiple messages, each message is shown the one after the other according to time defined by store admin.

 While rule condition is met, details of the rules can be shown within point details area on cart page.

J2t Reward points

Advanced admin referral program

Points and rewards

With J2T Points & Rewards, it is possible to allow customers to refer their friends and collect point to do so. Until v1.6.x, it was only possible to collect points for 1st friend's order. Since v1.7.x, it is also possible to define point values for more orders place by referred friends.

On top of default referral program, it is possible to defined how many points referrer and referred friend would collect for further orders (place by referred friend).

J2T Points & RewardsPoints and rewards

Customer available points & login access through cart page.

Within top links, it is possible to show how many points current logged customer has.

The customer can also access to login link through point form on checkout page.

Link the module to virtually any other modules

Points and rewards

J2T Points & Rewards has a unique feature that allows saving action event triggering of object models linked to customer.

This means that any saving module action can be triggered and points can be allocated.

This is the easiest way to link any custom module saving action to point allocation within our module and this is only available with J2T Points & Rewards.

Extra point information

Since v1.7.2, it is possible to show details of points related to polls, reviews, newsletter...

 Is is also possible to define CMS page which will generate a link shown next to point sentences.

J2t Reward points

J2T Points & Rewards

J2T Points & Rewards

J2T Points & Rewards

J2t Reward points

Reward points box in shopping cart

In the shopping cart, an area is available to:

  • see the amount of points that you are collecting with your order
  • see points that you have into your account
  • redeem points for an order

The slider is optional. You can use select or input boxes as well.

Admin configuration of the module

The module allows tremendous configuration set.

You can also decide if you want to inform your customers before point expiring, choose different image to place on your website in reward points areas.

Configuration is very large and you can setup variety of information, including the point rates, transactional email templates, setup referral section or even import points from other systems!

J2t Points and Rewards
J2T Points and Rewards

Points in your dashboard

At anytime, your customers can check the points that they have collected from their dashboard!

There is a summary of points that they gathered and points they spent. Full point history is also available in use account area!

Notify clients about the points they currently have!

Points and rewards

Since v1.7.x of our module, it is possible to notify your clients about the points they currently have.

In order to do this, you'll need to define min/max value of point your customer have, duration between each notification, email sender and email template to be used. When this is done, notification will be sent to your customer on cron schedule.

Also note that notifications about point validity expiration is also available within our module configuration.

What about earning points when referring a friend?

With J2T Points and rewards - Loyalty program, you can also setup referral program, that will allow your customers to gather points when referring a friend.

Customers can decide to share the referral link on their blog or social profile for example, share with the use of addthis button or even submit the referral form.

Many ways for them to gather points and for you to get new customers!

Since v1.6.19, it is possible to define minimum cart amount as well as cart ratio for points collected by referrer and extra points allocated to referred friend!

J2t points and reward loyalty program
J2t points and rewards

Points and rewards rules

You need to setup special offers! If you are familiar with magento promotion rules then you will certainly like what J2T Points & Rewards rules have to offer!

You can setup as many rules as you like and add extra points for a product, specific group of product, etc.

You can even decide not to process points on some range of products for example.

Points from customer account in admin

You can remove or add points easily to a customer by accessing customer account edit form, from the admin!

List of customer points is also accessible.

It is also possible to send notification email to clients when points are manually added through admin!

J2t points and rewards

Other details...

  • Add points while registering
  • Add points on shopping cart grand total
  • Add points on according to cart or catalog rules
  • Send invitation to friends... you get points when they order
  • Addthis embedding is possible to share referral link
  • It is possible to specify specific points amount per product
  • The processing way when using points are: step value (for example, 250points per 250) or automatic use or free field
  • Maximum usage per order may be specified
  • You can decide to use different math method when using points: round, ceil, exact value
  • Shipping fees might be included when using points discount
  • Discounts can be applied on product including or excluding tax
  • Setup notification for expiry points

Upon installation of this module, you can create an attribute called 'reward_points', if you wish to set point amount manually for a product 
You can specify an amount of point for a product, or let the system do the job.

You can configure the module by updating the values in : System > Configuration > Reward Points.

Some admin configuration information...

  • Set money to obtain 1 point
  • Set points to obtain 1 $/€ (or any currency)
  • Set the way to use points by step. (e.g. every 250 points) or not
  • Set step value (250 points) when using point by step (a select field will be shown on shopping cart)
  • Set max amount of points to be used within an order.
  • Set Catalog rules & Cart rules for points calculation (equivalent to default magento rules)

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1.8.x versions

* 1.8.4: Improving module stability under Magento 1.9.3.x
* 1.8.3: Updating the module according to Magento® 1.9.2.x new way to show dashboard images, allowing the module to show dashboard points under this version.
* 1.8.2: Fixing group "no logged in" unable to see point entries by default.
* 1.8.1: Fixing rules saving issue as well as referral data insertion problems
* 1.8.0: Implementing Magento® SUPEE-6788 new routing restrictions. New features have been added! It is now possible to set minimum point value to allow gathering, gather step, which would allow step gathering (0, 10, 20, 30 points, etc.), group exclusion from reward system.

1.7.x versions

* 1.7.24: Better implementation module's rules processing and integration of usage form to one step checkout module (no ajax used)
* 1.7.23: Fixing theme issue showing 0 instead of real point value within client point history.
* 1.7.22: This version takes to consideration newly modifications applied by Magento® (and patch SUPEE-6285) forbidding access to restricted admin access to module admin areas.
* 1.7.21: Fixing issue introduced with Magento® 1.9.x with ajax point calculation on configurable product page
* 1.7.20: Performances improvements
* 1.7.19: Fixing point allocation on referral registration, when registraion verification is done through referral table verification (not from permanent url).
* 1.7.18: Removing quote rewrite and making compilation process properly work
* 1.7.17: Fixing wrong helper name call from product edition page (introduced in v1.7.17)
* 1.7.16: New feature is added. It is now possible to force store id usage when a customer is added from admin. By default with Magento®, when a customer is created through admin, store id will be 0. This can be a problem when usign apply store scope feature of the module or when sending notifications to clients.
* 1.7.15: Fixing js error with decimal values on product point information of product view pages and fixing issues related to grouped product point information not showing on product view page.
* 1.7.14: Fixing minor issue related to point date usage when point validity is required
* 1.7.13: Fixing minor issue related to new routing name from v1.7.12 update
* 1.7.12: Fixing minor issue regarding routing under multiple store environment (when SSL is on under admin area)
* 1.7.11: Fixing minor issue related to cart points rules
* 1.7.10: Fixing calculation issue, introduced in v1.7.9, on points with date delay
* 1.7.9: Fixing minor issues introduced with v1.7.x regarding point calculation when using ending date. Fixing isEmail error within order view pages.
* 1.7.8: Fixing view order issue introduced with v1.7.7
* 1.7.7: Fixing issues related to send email through invoice area in admin and other issues related to referral session
* 1.7.6: Improvement of js code, regarding automatic point calculation on product pages
* 1.7.5: New feature added. It is now possible to show referral box on side area of your site. It is also possible to add any social code snippet allowing you to add any other network such as addthis, jiathis, addinto, sharethis, etc.
* 1.7.4: Minor issue fixes related to observer's calls + new feature added that allows to select different email's identity for referral program email addresses
* 1.7.3: Minor issue fixes related to point's images upload through admin
* 1.7.2: New features added. It is now possible to show points customer has (next to my account link), messages on top of cart related to cart point rules, point collection details on cart page and product page (related to catalog point and cart point rules)
* 1.7.1: Fixing wrong value while showing point gathered/used on client order/invoices
* 1.7.0: New features added: valid statuses for point usage and point gathering. It is now possible to add custom point values (usage and gathering) through configuration area. Advanced referral points is possible, which would allow your customer to collect points more than once for every customers. Point status notification has been introduced and it allows client to be informed by email regarding the points they currently have. Overall point summary is now available on admin dashboard page and it shows point gathered and point used. by all customers on each store It is now possible to show point usage/gathering on invoices, admin orders' areas, etc. Improvement has also been done regarding referral program, allowing insertion of customers in referral database when they only register and don't have placed orders yet. Points' validity duration code has been reviewed/improved and overall module speed/performance has also been improved.

1.6.x versions

* 1.6.36: module modification to comply with new Magento® version (1.9.x)
* 1.6.35: bundle on product pages and list pages point calculation fix
* 1.6.34: few theme improvements + J2t_All update
* 1.6.33: fixing newly introduced issue (in v1.6.32) related to sql query issues regarding points allocated by admin
* 1.6.32: fixing issues related to point calculation while start / end date is defined
* 1.6.31: fixing minor js issue related to point calculation on tier prices  on product pages while using catalog rules
* 1.6.30: fixing issue related to point calculation within shopping cart while adding over 1 item quantity
* 1.6.29: fixing issue which could cause crash on some specific conditions (getFinalPrice() on non object problem)
* 1.6.28: fixing issue related to point insertion date when using reward social addon
* 1.6.27: new verification related to fix in v1.6.26
* 1.6.26: fixing issue with points math (negative value) when discount is applied on shopping cart (on low price level)
* 1.6.25: fixing issues related to points gathering miscalculation while applying discounts as well as group verification within rules while using recalculate feature
* 1.6.24: fixing issues related to point calculation on product page and on cart. Values should be similar.
* 1.6.23: fixing issues related to point calculation on multiply by and divide by rules (shopping cart area only)
* 1.6.22: review of our installation process to avoid any issues while installing the module. Modification of "waiting for validation" points that only takes in consideration orders that have "new" as status. Improvement of js point calculation on product pages.
* 1.6.21: point equivalence is available for the slider. It is now possible to get points when a user registers to the newsletter. On configurable product pages, it is now possible to duplicate point text on top of options. It is also possible to show points that client could gather on product list page, without modification of theme file. Math on expired points has been improved and js math on tier price product feature has been implemented (not for tier prices on grouped product)
* 1.6.20: improving product view page points integration
* 1.6.19: new features added. It is now possible to use ratio to determine points that will be collected while using referral program. It is also possible to define minimum cart subtotal within referral program 
* 1.6.18: fixing currency switching issue (introduced with v1.6.15)
* 1.6.17: code optimization under Magento® 1.7.x while importing points
* 1.6.16: new feature. It is now possible to send notification to client when points are manually added through admin
* 1.6.15: new feature that allow point limitation per total order percent value
* 1.6.14: fixing blank point types issue when using non standard order increment id
* 1.6.13: graphic design improvement
* 1.6.12:Fixing issues related points deletion with turbo mode point refresh
* 1.6.11: Adding new french tranlation missing elements and optimizing overall point listing admin and front-office areas.
* 1.6.9: Point equivalence js reloads implemented
* 1.6.7 - 1.6.8: Few minor improvements added
* 1.6.6: Fixing issue introduced in v1.6.3. When collecting points, discount is removed from point calculation (only for calculated points).
* 1.6.5: New feature: in catalog rule, it is possible to multiply or divide points for product(s)
* 1.6.4: New feature: it is now possible to show point equivalence in unit of money on product pages and in shopping cart area
* 1.6.3: Fixing issues related to point miscalculation under Magento® 1.7.x
* 1.6.2: New feature added - It is now possible to give a description to points that are added/removed from admin
* 1.6.1: Optimisation of cart rewardpoints calls impacting tax miscalculation in few specific case
* 1.6.0: This version introduces all new features, such as: points usage when placing an order through administration, bypass feature allowing to bypass a product when applying reward discount, force points recalculate when order is modified

1.5.x versions

* 1.5.30: Fixing issue related to usage of the module within Magento® 1.3.x (subtotal different to base subtotal)
* 1.5.29: Fixing issue related to Magento® having base total unchanged when discount applied
* 1.5.28: Fixing issue related to point usage when user tries to use more points that he has (no discount, but points used on v1.5.x)
* 1.5.27: New feature added. It is possible now to specify the redirection path, for referral permanent link.
* 1.5.26: Fixing snipet code issue printed under Magento® 1.7.x when using points within shopping cart area
* 1.5.25: DE Language reviewed and issues fixed related to auto point usage. Module has also been optimized for Magento® 1.5.x
* 1.5.24: Fixing issue related to store and groups when saving a reward points rule under Magento® 1.7.x
* 1.5.23: Fixing issue with Magento® 1.3.x version, while accessing user points within the admin. Fixing issue related to turbo mode when adding points from user admin area.
* 1.5.22: Fixing issue when using virtual products (points not applying to those products)
* 1.5.21: Fixing issue related to max points usage which wasn't working since v1.5.18
* 1.5.20: Bug fixing for automatic multishipping points removal
* 1.5.19: Code optimization
* 1.5.18: New implementation allowing the module to be compatible with google checkout & other payment means that uses api access to create orders. New security process has been implemented as well!
* 1.5.17: Fixing incompatibility issue with Magento®
* 1.5.16: Fixing tax related issue when discount is calculated
* 1.5.15: Insertion of new translations for us_EN, fr_FR, es_ES, nl_NL and google translated de_DE
* 1.5.14: Fixing minor issue related to turbo mode math
* 1.5.13: New features: multiple insertion lines capability in referral program & addthis insertion modification
* 1.5.12: Better implementation of point usage (no more class overriding)
* 1.5.11: Fixing issues related to multiple store usage with turbo mode active
* 1.5.10: Fixing issue related to some payment gateways that could crash when calling module point recording feature
* 1.5.9: Unhide points sentence from bundle product page
* 1.5.8: Adding math calculation capabilities to downloadable and bundle products
* 1.5.7: Fixing multiple shipping address point usage (points can't be redeemed within multiple shipping order process to avoid misusage).
* 1.5.6: Fixing js points calculation issue on configurable product page and wrong points calculation for bundle products
* 1.5.5: Fixing issue related to points removal from admin user account area
* 1.5.4: Fixing issue with guest orders
* 1.5.3: Fixing possible issue when trying to add client from the admin
* 1.5.2: Referal url (for addthis) optimisation
* 1.5.1: step values optimization
* 1.5.0: rewriting the way of processing observer action for better performances and accuracy of point regristration. Overlap points expiration and usage issue has been fixed. Setup files have been changed in order to fix any issue related module installation. Point gathering and usage can now be shown on onecheckout cart review page. Adding new feature allowing step value multiplier. For better performances during points calculation, turbo mode option has been created. Referral URL has been changed in emails. Fixing issues related to step values when changing currencies. Floating points points values lower than 0.5 is now possible. Referral is processed on any first valid order placed by referred friend and not on only the first one.

1.4.x versions

* 1.4.3: Improving compilation process with our module active and referral system. Now with referal system, the referrers will get their points on first valid order and not uniquely on first order. This will avoid referrers not to have their points when referred clients have invalid first order.
* 1.4.2: Adding secure url capability in user account
* 1.4.1: Correcting paging issue introduced with v1.4.0 in user account (points section)
* 1.4.0: Introducing new feature: points can be added directly from user customer account page in the admin. Statistic page has been optimized for better interpretation of datas. New notification system is available to let the customer know when the points reaches validity limit.

1.3.x versions

* 1.3.1: Fixing minor template issue
* 1.3.0: introducing new features allowing you to add picture icons on product pages and shopping cart page. These pictures are shown when a product allow you to gather points.

1.2.x versions

* 1.2.1: fixing spelling mistake
* 1.2.0: new features added (selection of validity status field in admin - selection of valid statuses in admin - activate points X days after a purchase has been made - points on review rewritten - decide to apply points either on ex. tax or not)

1.1.x versions

* 1.1.9: fixing issue related to fee shipping with credit points
* 1.1.8: fixing issue related to use of coupon code with reward points
* 1.1.6-1.1.7: Add new feature (min points to be used) & admin integrity forms check
* 1.1.5: Renaming controler action classname
* 1.1.4: Fixing issue related to cart rule (introduce on v.1.1.x)
* 1.1.3: Fixing wrong use of helper name in rule model
* 1.1.2: Fixing issue related to Magento® 1.3 issue on product page having options (bug introduced in v1.1.0) & points duration issue fix
* 1.1.1: Fixing issue related to points type upon registration
* 1.1.0: Improve bundle products managements & points preview on product pages

1.0.x versions

* 1.0.9b: Fixing issue related to bundle product promotion in cart
* 1.0.9: Admin filters problem fixed
* 1.0.8: Referral point registration problem fixed
* 1.0.7: Minor bug fixing relating to reward points history print in Magento® 1.3 admin (customer side)
* 1.0.6: Multiple currencies & stores switching optimisation
* 1.0.5: Fixing wrong referral email printing in user account
* 1.0.4: Fixing bug related to max usage of points in shopping cart (error introduced with versions 1.0.x)
* 1.0.3: Fixing currency rate calculation problem
* 1.0.2: Check points for specific customer in admin (new tab in customer edit)
* 1.0.1: New feature - added slider on shopping cart page
* 1.0.0: New feature - Currency rate can be use while calculating points & discounts

0.9.x versions

* 0.9.3: New feature - Promotion description added when used with credit points (in shopping cart).
* 0.9.2: Fixing bug related to points calculation when referring a friend.
* 0.9.1: Minor bug fix in Magento® 1.3.x point listing in admin
* 0.9.0: Major update! With this version you can import/export points & more importantly, you can decide to include shipping fare to reward point discounts! You can decide to include or not tax amount as well.

0.8.x versions

* 0.8.1: Fixing minor issue related to step values
* 0.8.0: Adding new features such as refer-a-friend permanent link & addthis sharing

0.7.x versions

* 0.7.9: Fixing bug in Magento® 1.3 rule management
* 0.7.8: Fixing bug related to stats refresh
* 0.7.7: Fixing bug related to referree orders
* 0.7.6: Fixing bug related to statistics showing in admin
* 0.7.5: Improvement in order processing
* 0.7.4: Fixing bug related to account listing points problems
* 0.7.3: Fixing bug related to auto add feature
* 0.7.2: Fixing backward compatibility issues with Magento® 1.3
* 0.7.1: Fixing issue with points calculation introduced in version 0.7
* 0.7: The module goes multishipping

0.6.x versions

* 0.6.1: Fixing issue while installing the module
* 0.6: This version is introducing shopping cart and catalog rules. The module is now fully compatible with Magento® The code has been fully re-written to avoid compatibility issues while upgrading Magento®

0.5.x versions

* Making the module compatible with Magento® 1.4.1 (don't forget to empty the cache after installing ;))
* Fixing bug introduced with Magento® 1.4 regarding points gathering & use (order status are processed differently)
* Fixing bug within coucon template
* 0.5.1: Add ability to use all available points automatically
* 0.5: Compatible with Magento® 1.4 & adding points durations limit feature & points history in user menu

0.4.x versions

* Fixing issue related to suffix table names
* 0.4.7: Fixing referral system bug related to missing field in database. 
* 0.4.6: Add export feature in stats & tidying up files. Please update all your template files while installing this version. Test before installing in production environment.
* fixing ACL issue
* 0.4.5: fixing points value on product page
* 0.4.4: fixing issue while having cart problem
* 0.4.3: fixing bug for single store in admin rules form
* 0.4.1 - 0.4.2: New features like ability to delete points, rules creation/management, referral list in admin, delete referral
* 0.4.0: Adding feature: multi currency + multistore management (you have to set store scope to yes in reward points admin)

0.3.x versions

* Removing constant email for referral program sender email
* Graphical select in admin (show/hide referral link from user account)
* Moving referral points allocation to the order validation section
* Fixing bug while using reward_points attribute
* Add english/french translation
* 0.3.9: Add reward points box while user is not logged allowing him to see how much worths the shopping cart
* 0.3.8: Extension goes stable! Fixing last bugs & ability to use the module with database having prefix tables
* 0.3.7: Removing (from config.xml) dependency to coupon code system
* 0.3.6: Adding new admin option - coupon code restriction (use or not reward point system with coupon codes)
* 0.3.5: Improvement of French translation
* 0.3 to 0.3.4: fixing installation/upgrade bug
* 0.3: Changing the license to OSL + Modification of the whole promotion process >> you can use coupon codes at the same time now

0.2.x versions

* 0.2.9: Fixing bug on points values + add refer a friend (beta version)
* 0.2.2: Fixing bug on template and optimizing queries
* 0.2: New menu entry & new functionnalities (ability to add/remove points to customer)

0.1.x versions

* bug fixing on template (canSubmit problem)
* 0.1.7: bug fixing on general promotion value for Magento®
* 0.1.6: New setup property. Now it's possible to round or floor points on products bought + bug fixing on template
* 0.1.5: New functionnality on "my account" : "points waiting for validation"
* 0.1.4: Optimisation of the way the points are credited
* Fixing bug during order registration
* Dutch support (thanks to Pixxa) and Spanish support (thanks to xondeo)
* German support (thanks to Chris)
* 0.1.3: fixing template bug
* 0.1.2: add template functionnality
* 0.1.1: fixing mysql query error
* 0.1.0: first release

  1. Uncompress module folder to your Magento® root directory
  2. Copy all module template files (xml layout file + template folder) from the module to your custom template directory
  3. Flush your Magento® cache
  4. Log out and log back to admin 
  5. If you want to setup client notification, you will need to activate Magento® crontab on your server

Important: Deactivate cache and Compiler when installing the module. It is necessary to log out and log back into the admin after module installation. If you have many modules to install, install the modules this one after the others, not all at the same time.

Since v1.7.3, it is necessary to activate the module through module configuration. Activation configuration element is only accessible from all sites' scopes and not from "Default Config":

J2T Points & Rewards - activation

By default the module is not available on all scopes.
Scope Magento® 

Also make sure that you have an attribute sets called Default such as the following:

Magento® Attribute sets Default

This is important to have an attribute sets called default in order to be able to have all module attributes installed.

- only for v1.7.0 or greater of the module - In order to be able to configure the module, it is necessary to insert your serial number. The serial number can be generated from your user account area. Note that the serial must match with the domain inserted on serial generation page.

If you want to show points quantities on product list pages, you may want to add the following line (for version 1.3.x or greater):
<!-- J2T Points & rewards -->               
<?php if (Mage::getConfig()->getModuleConfig('Rewardpoints')->is('active', 'true')):?>
<?php echo Mage::helper('rewardpoints/data')->getProductPointsText($_product, false, true);?>               
<?php endif;?>               
<!-- J2T Points & rewards --> 

Those lines must be placed in your catalog/product/list.phtml file. We advise you to add this line right after:
<?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?> 

To configure crontab, you might need to have ssh root access to your server and type the following command: crontab -e
Then you will need to add the following line:
* * * * *    php /your-magento-sever-path/cron.php 

When you upgrade from a previous version to new one, please follow all the above steps and don't forget to verify the variables of transactionnal emails (for this module). For instance, in version 1.5.x of the module, email variables have changed, so you need to update your transactionnal emails in case you created custom ones.

Download documentation here

The template files to be copied are :
- frontend/default/default/layout/rewardpoints.xml
- frontend/default/default/template/rewardpoint

The skin files to be copied are:
- frontend/default/default/css/j2t-*
- frontend/default/default/images/j2t-* 

Upgrading from v1.7.x to 1.8.x
Major modifications have been introduced in branch 1.8.x of J2T Points & Rewards. It is important to install the module in staging environment first, in order to verify that the upgrade is properly going through all necessary installation steps and update all tables.
This is the upgrade process to follow:
1. deactivate any Magento® cache
2. deactivate the module by removing app/etc/modules/Rewardpoints.xml (also remove all addon modules' files if any)
3. remove the directory app/code/community/Rewardpoints
4. update all theme files first (specially if you are not using base theme files)
5. upload all files from new module version (this will reactivate the module)
6. flush your Magento® cache and most importantly, your Magento® cache storage
Important - J2T Points & Rewards 1.8.x will only work with following versions of add-on modules:

  • J2T Reward Share v1.0.7 or greater
  • J2T Required Points v1.0.9 or greater
  • J2T Reward Birthday v1.0.7 or greater
  • J2T Reward API v1.0.1 or greater
  • J2T Reward Social v1.0.11 or greater
  • J2T Reward Group v1.0.3 or greater
  • J2T Reward Slips v1.0.1 or greater

J2T Points & Reward team is trying to give to customers the best tool without any unecessary features at the best cost. All the features available in our module have been requested by users themselves, this is why our module is the best Reward Points engine available. Moreover, this is a really great deal!

Comparison summary

 J2T Points & RewardsMage world reward points proSweet toothMagegiant Reward pointsMagento® enterprise
Support Free support is available as well as extended paid support, which allow us to review your installation Full support Full support Full support Full support
License Open source commercial Open source commercial Open source commercial Unknown Open source commercial
Referral system  Invite a friend by email, referral URL, addthis integration (social network, etc.) and more Affiliate URLS, codes, custom referral tracking Affiliate URLS, custom referral tracking, 
share on social network
Invite by email, share url, social media. Invite a friend integration
Points Expiry  Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Price   €49.99 (~$66 USD) $199.00 USD  $58 USD to $399 USD per month $199.00 USD $2000/yr - $11,000/yr USD 

Main features comparison

 J2T Points & RewardsMage world reward points proSweet toothMagegiant Reward pointsMagento® enterprise
Points Expiry System Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Rules Fixed points per product, or catalog & cart rules allowing the use of any product attributes, shopping cart values, etc. Very similar to default Magento® rules. Similar to J2T points & Rewards Yes Yes Fixed points in promotion rules for earning only.
Customer points summary

Customer points summary accessible from dashboard. Full history & referral program accessible from customer account

Yes Yes Yes No
Import/Export points via csv file Yes Yes Yes No. As extra module cost $49.99 No
Discount apply on shipping fee Yes No Yes Unknown information Yes
Multi-language Yes - Languages are managed by default Magento® multi-language capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tab in customer admin section Yes - Full history is available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency support Yes - from v1.0.0 - from the admin, it's possible to decide to automatically adjust points & discount according to currency rate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional modules required No - everything you need is included
However, extra features such as reward birthdaypoint sharing and required product points are available as separate add-on modules.
No Yes - in order to have referral engine, extra module is required Yes - import / export module, coupon, transfer No
Customer detailed referral status tracking Yes - in customer account page, tracking is possible Yes Yes Unknown information No
Affiliate URL Yes - While sharing link, customer is able to refer friends easily Yes Yes Yes No
Share on social network Yes - Addthis can be used to share affiliate URL to all networks Yes Yes, but requires an additional module Yes No
Process speed feature & enhancements Turbo Mode is a unique feature used by J2T Points and Rewards in order to make the module work faster on every servers!
Our module also uses latest best Magento® coding technics in order to improve the whole process and doesn't override any Magento® classes to improve module compatibility.
No No No No
Reward customers for their birthdays Yes, with the use of J2T Reward Birthday add-on, a cron job will give points to your customers for their birthday! No No Yes No
Points-only / required points products Yes, with the use of J2T Required Points add-on, you can setup points amount required to buy products on your store! No Yes, but only with platinum verion No No
Share points Yes, with the use of J2T Reward share add-on, you customers can send their points to any other customers! Yes Yes Yes as extra module No
API web service Yes, with the use of J2T Reward API add-on, you customers can send their points to any other customers! No Yes, but only with platinum verion No No
Coupons generation Yes - with the use of J2T Reward Slips add-on, you customers can send their points to any other customers! No No Yes - extra module is required No

Customer Reviews

Top product and service Review by Ruud
This is a top product and the service is excellent.
Highly recommended.
I use Magento 1.8.0
I've also have required-values and onestepcheckout from this developer. Also perfect. (Posted on 1/27/2014)
Plain and simply A++ Review by HeroicTales.nl
I have trailed quite a few rewarding modules, but this one simply outnumbers and outguns them all. Simple to install, configure and use.
My own lack of experience ordered me to contact for help and I didn't regret it for a second. The answers were fast and very clear and my "problems" were fixed in no time.

I am certain to buy another extention at J2T when expending my own services.
(Posted on 1/6/2014)
Great module ! Bravo ! Review by Florent
I just bought two modules J2T-design.
The J2T Points & Rewards VA (Ahead Version) module and J2T OneCheckout module. I am very satisfied with the result.
The support service is excellent ! Bravo ! Thank you to all the team (Posted on 9/6/2013)
Excellent product, excellent price & excellent service when I needed a little help with my first install Review by Kath
Why pay more! This extension does everything I could ask of it & at a very good price too. Style wise the points have fitted very well into my templates with no additional css. I got a little confused during install (my first install) so e mailed for help & heard back very quickly with help that let me find I had missed a file. Thank you guys, I'll certainly look you up if I need more extensions. (Posted on 1/29/2013)
Works great and very easy Review by Marco
Very good module. Very easy to work with. Installing was done i a minut. I als bought one page check out from j2t. Didn't work for me with iDeal from my payment provider. But j2t made a custom one page check out for my website. This is very good service. Nice people to. www.vitaalportaal.nl (Posted on 7/26/2012)
This is really nice module for magento and easy to setting, I will buy other product of J2tdesign like J2T Reward Share. Thanks, I suggestion reward point for promotion rule, From thailand user. (Posted on 9/25/2011)
The Best Review by Fashion Queen
I have used J2T reward points for years on my fashion site to give £10 to referred friend and £10 to the referral as a two way loyalty bullet works likes magic.
The price is chicken feed ( lets hope he does not increase the price after this review) for you gain from this extension and it fits into magento seamlessly
(Posted on 3/24/2011)
Great module with great features! Review by Matthieu
We deeply tested this module and we recommand it to everyone! We decided to install it on our site (www.aztechcity.com) and we are not desappointed since!
Great job guys! (Posted on 11/11/2010)
Very good module, helps to bind your customers Review by Britta
we tested this modul very intensive and we will push it out to our customer this weekend.
Thanks a lot (Posted on 7/10/2010)

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