Why is it impossible to access to the modules menus in the admin?

You might need to:

  • flush your Magento® cache
  • deactivate compiler
  • log out and log back in from the admin
  • reactivate the compiler

When installing J2T Points & Rewards module, I get mysql error messages

You need to make sure that your mysql user has permission to access COLUMS mysql tables. It is required by our points & reward module to have full access to you mysql database in order to install the module correctly.

When using J2T Ajax Cart, I get an js error message, what can I do

  1. Verify that you are using correct class manes on your phtml pages
  2. Follow all instructions from the documentation (on product page)
  3. Analyze the ajax html outputs from firebug or other development tools (your might have some conflicts with other theme misusing)

When using the module, the module doesn’t show any error, but the features are not there. What could that be?

Some of our modules are overriding Magento® classes. Some other modules might override the same classes. You can check how a module is overrided by checking out this! This kind of issue can be fixed by removing the overriding procedure from the conflicing module, locate the class used from our files and extending the class to the other module class name.

In J2T Points & Rewards module, the discounts seem to apply on products prices excluding taxes

If you want to include taxes while you are applying discount on a product, please note that you also have to go in System > Configuration > Tax, under “Calculation Settings” and set “Apply customer tax” to “Before discount”

In J2T Product question module, I am not able to see the link to the product question

You can manually show the question url from product view phtml file with the following code:

<?php $nb_question = Mage::getModel(‘j2tproductquestion/productquestion’)->getQuestionsCount($this->getProduct()->getId(), Mage::app()->getStore()->getId());?>
<?php $question_url = Mage::getUrl(‘j2tproductquestion/product/list’, array( ‘id’ => $this->getProduct()->getId() ));?>
<?php if ($nb_question):?>
<a href=”<?php echo $question_url ?>”><?php echo $this->__(‘Questions asked about this product (%s)’, $nb_question);?></a>
<?php else:?>
<a href=”<?php echo $question_url ?>#question-form”><?php echo $this->__(‘Ask a question about this product’);?></a>
<?php endif; ?>

In J2T Points & rewards module, I can’t add new customers from admin (fix in version 1.5.3+)

Error message: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND main_table.points_spent > 0

In order to fix the possible issue that some admin user could experience when trying to add customer from Magento® admin, please modify the file app/code/community/Rewardpoints/Block/Adminhtml/Customer/Edit/Tab.php and replace:

this->addTab(‘rewardpoints’, array(
‘label’ => Mage::helper(‘rewardpoints’)->__(‘Reward Points’),
//’content’ => $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘rewardpoints/adminhtml_customerstats’)->toHtml()
‘content’ => $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘rewardpoints/adminhtml_customerpoints’)->initForm()->toHtml()



$customer = Mage::registry(‘current_customer’);
if ($customer->getId()){
$this->addTab(‘rewardpoints’, array(
‘label’ => Mage::helper(‘rewardpoints’)->__(‘Reward Points’),
‘content’ => $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘rewardpoints/adminhtml_customerpoints’)->initForm()->toHtml()

In J2T Points & rewards module, I get table does not exist

Use the following sql query: DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE `code` = ‘rewardpoints_setup’
And flush your Magento® cache

How to deactivate the moudule for a/some/all store(s) in J2T Points & Rewards

You simply need to select the correct store view, configure the module to give 0 points when placing orders on your site and disable the module output from admin > system > configuration > advanced | advanced for relevant store(s)

I’ve just installed J2T Points & Rewards, but I can’t apply points within shopping cart

It might be necessary to remove all files in var/cache/ & var/session/ folders and truncate core_session table

I’ve just installed a module, but when I try to access to the module admin interfaces, I have 404 error message

It is necessary to log out and log back into the admin after having installed a module, in order to reset users privileges

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